Now that you have created a pin, you will have the option to create pages to display your pins, categories, and tags. You create these pages right from the Pin to Blog Dashboard by clicking the “Create Page” link next to the category or tag page that you wish to create. Once this is done, you will have a page(s) to display your pins, depending on your selections. Pin to Blog also makes use of a sidebar widget as well as shortcode for inserting pins into other pages on your website.


Create pin pages based on a particular interest or keyword. These pages will not only allow you to organize and share your pins, they will also let you create highly-targeted content pages which can be based on keyword-optimized content.

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Organize your pins into categories for displaying them exactly how you want. You must first create the categories that you want – then you can select a category when you create a new pin or add them to categories later on in the pin editor.



Tags are automatically created when you use the # in your main pin comment like this – #cars. Alternatively, you can add tags to your pins after you post them by editing your pins in the pin editor.