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Welcome to Infotopia, home of the Pin to Blog WordPress plugin. Get ready for the next generation of blogging… Let’s bring the world together, one connection at a time, where it really matters. We hope that you enjoy.

Pin to Blog is a revolutionary content creation, curation, and organization tool which allows users to quickly create and post fully customizable pins on their WordPress website or blog. In only seconds, you can create a pin from almost any page on the internet, right to your website!

Pin to Blog was designed to give users the ability to quickly generate tons of content, pin favorite items to their website, or as an idea collaboration engine which can be used by an entire team. WordPress’ multi-user environment coupled with Pin to Blog’s sleek design and intuitive functionality, allows teams to create a perfect space on their website for the collection of ideas, images, videos, gifs, links, and even comments, all rolled into beautiful “pins”. Before you know it, your website will have pages full of neatly organized pins which can be displayed for the entire world to see. The possibilities are nearly endless!

There are many benefits to using the Pin to Blog plugin. Now, you can keep your website or blog updated with fresh, on the fly content in only a fraction of the time that it takes to create a traditional blog posts or article. As you know, creating highly-targeted and relevant content is very important for Google and other search engines. Another great feature is the comments. Each pin can include its own comments section, which is inviting for users and a perfect place for team collaboration. Pin to Blog gets the job done!

Pin to Blog creates a robust and user-friendly SEO foundation that can supercharge your WordPress website or blog.

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